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Popular Music: The Podcast

May 22, 2017

In this week’s episode of Popular Music: The Podcast, it's a first! Analise and Steven break down a discussion of pop punk icons Blink-182 and their 1999 hit, "What's My Age Again?" The two pop obsessives discuss the song's themes on extended youth, the history of the song's title (yep, it was something different!), and Blink's everlasting impact on the world of pop punk.
No guilt. Only pleasure. Popular Music is a pop music podcast hosted by Steven Ray Morris and Analise Nelson. New episodes every Monday.
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Additional Recommends:
Blink 182 - "Always"
The Pixies - "Debaser"
No Doubt - "Excuse Me Mr."
The Starting Line - "Make Yourself At Home"
New Found Glory's self-titled album
*Correction: Sum 41's first album is actually "Half Hour of Power" and not "All Killer No Filler."
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Cover art by Javier Solórzano