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Popular Music: The Podcast

Aug 7, 2017

This song R-U-L-E-S. In this week’s episode of Popular Music: The Podcast, Analise and Steven analyze everything about one of the (if not THE) greatest remixes of all time. They dish all about J.Lo’s rise to power, Ja Rule’s beginnings and relationship with Murder INC Records, and why this is one of the most charming and romantic duets of the early 21st century.


No guilt. Only pleasure. Popular Music is a pop music podcast hosted by Steven Ray Morris and Analise Nelson. New episodes every Monday.

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Additional Recommendations:

Jennifer Lopez -”I’m Real”

Jennifer Lopez - “That’s The Way”

Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule - “Ain’t It Funny (Murder Remix)”

Jennifer Lopez - “I Luh Ya Papi”

The Starting Line - “I’m Real”


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Cover art by Javier Solórzano