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Popular Music: The Podcast

Jul 23, 2018

Well let me welcome everybody to this SEVENTY-FOURTH episode of Popular Music: The Podcast, in which your hosts dissect and divulge all the details about 2Pac’s masterpiece, “California Love.” Steven will recount the prolific artist’s history (and why he had produced so many tracks that keep continue to be released post-humously), while Analise will break down the main riffs in the song and connect one of them to ANOTHER Dr. Dre production. Which one? You gotta listen.


No guilt. Only pleasure. Popular Music is a pop music podcast hosted by Steven Ray Morris and Analise Nelson. New episodes every Monday.

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Additional Recommendations:

Joni Mitchell - “California”

Red Hot Chili Peppers - “Californication”

Grimes - “California”

Vampire Weekend - “California English”

Led Zeppelin - “Going To California”

Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg - “California Gurls”

blink -182 - “California”

Rihanna - “California King Bed”

Joe Cocker - “Woman To Woman”

David Bowie - “Cracked Actor”

Marina and the Diamonds - “Hollywood”

Missing Persons - “Walking in LA”

2Pac - “To Live And Die In LA”

Ice Cube - “It Was a Good Day”


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