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Popular Music: The Podcast

Feb 18, 2019

L-A-T-E-R THAT WEEK. You can’t stop the bumrush, Popettes! Last week, we hung out with Charli and Troye in 1999, but THIS week, Omar and Analise travel back to 1999 for one of its GREATEST singles, Len’s “Steal My Sunshine.” Why is this song so fucking HAPPY? What are the lyrics even SAYING? We actually take a visit to songmeanings dot com to find the most insane interpretation. A hint for you: it involves the menstrual cycle.




No guilt. Only pleasure. Popular Music is a pop music podcast hosted by Omar Najam and Analise Nelson. New episodes every Monday.

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Additional Recommendations:

New Radicals - “Mother We Just Can’t Get Enough”

OMC - “How Bizarre”

Gin Blossoms - “Til I Hear It From You”

Tal Bachman - “She’s So High”

Third Eye Blind - “1000 Julys”

Lit - “Down”

Cast of the Motion Picture “Rent” - “La Vie Boheme”





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