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Popular Music: The Podcast

Apr 22, 2019

Happy 420, Popettes! In honor of the holiday that many just celebrated, we’re delving into Afroman’s classic, “Because I Got High.” We’ll talk all about his rise to greatness - like did you know that Afroman was selling his own singles in MIDDLE SCHOOL? This guy has been a badass since day 1. Also, we do a lyrical dive to dissect whether or not this green anthem is really all that complimentary of the green!




No guilt. Only pleasure. Popular Music is a pop music podcast hosted by Omar Najam and Analise Nelson. New episodes every Monday.


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Additional Recommendations:

Sublime - “Smoke Two Joints”

Sensimilla Street -

Missy Elliott - “Pass That Dutch”

Dr. Dre - “Kush”

Luniz feat. Dru Down, E-40, Humpty Hump, Richie Rich, Shock G, Spice 1 - “I Got 5 On It (Remix)”

Wilco - “California Stars”

Brazilian Girls - “Pussy”


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