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Popular Music: The Podcast

Mar 2, 2020

You better watch out because Popular Music: The Podcast is BACK with an all-new episode all about the great Ms. Lauryn Hill. Omar will tell you all about how this A+ student found her path to music at a very young age and Analise will tell you why this song is a perfect blend of 50s and 90s. Also some music theory nerdry happens. What can we say? This song just DOES it for us.


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Additional Recommendations:

The Monotones - “Book of Love”

The Clovers - “Love Potion No. 9”

The Coasters - “Poison Ivy”

The Bobbettes - “Mr. Lee”

Swet Shop Boys - “Aaja”

Calle 13 - “Ojos Color Sol”

Snow Tha Product - “Bilingue”



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