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Popular Music: The Podcast

Aug 12, 2019

We’re storming through the party like our names are El Niño. We’re BACK with more Summer of Nostalgia with the Sum41 classic, “Fat Lip”! Omar and Analise chat about how the band came to be the kind of group that plays over 300 shows a year and why this song transcends genre!


No guilt. Only pleasure. Popular Music is a pop music podcast hosted by Omar Najam and Analise Nelson. New episodes every Monday.


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Additional Recommendations:

Sum 41 - “Nothing On My Back”

Josie and the Pussycats - “Shapeshifter”

TheStart - “The 1234”

The Distillers - “Drain the Blood”

NOFX - “Dinosaurs Will Die” 

NOFX - “Bath of Least Resistance 

NOFX - “The Decline”



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